Baby Yoyo Hammock


Your baby spends a considerable time in bed! So everything should be done in selecting the best environment it will call 'home'. The baby hammock’s benefits have long been well known. The Baby Yoyo provides the infant with ideal comfort, feeling of suspension and floatation which can calm the most uncomfortable or distressed infant. In fact, the vertical motion replicates the movement of the womb as the mother walks.

The back of the infant’s head lies steadily, avoiding any risk of plagiocephaly (malformation of the head). The position is also beneficial for the baby’s back, since there is no hard surface, and its weight is distributed evenly with no pressure points that could distress the baby. The lamb’s wool mattress is a real nest for your infant.

The baby yoyo swings softly your infant, thanks to the suspension spring which is suitable for a child with the weight lower than 15 kilogrammes.

Price : 198,00 €

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