Certifying tests...

Kangaroo Carrier baby slings have successfully passed all the certifying tests related to baby wrap, and fully conform with the compulsory security norms promulgated in the French regulation 'NF EN 13209-2'. But what do they certify?

Chemical compounds

First of all, the regulation imposes a considerably low limit on the use of heavy metals in the wrap textiles. In fact, our baby slings do not contain any heavy metal at all. Furthermore, the wrap textile has to resist the sweat in order to preserve its colours. Thus, it is ensured that the child will neither be in contact with nor swallow any unhealthy compounds.

Fire resistance

The baby slings are certified for their resistance to the fire and the possible spread of it.

Mechanical tests

A simulation corresponding to a 30 km long walk with the woven wrap had been carried out. Hence, it is ensured that the baby sling offers stability and a good support for the child.

Therefore, all conscientious parents can trust their 'Kangaroo Carrier' baby wrap.

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