Welcome to Kangaroo Carrier

We are pleased to present you our new website dedicated to your child’s welfare. Our baby woven wraps, baby hammocks and Baby-Yoyo are aimed at your children rest and designed for your comfort.

Baby wrap

Thanks to the kangaroo baby sling, the child is held against you, at the same time leaving your hands free! Moreover, in contrast with other baby carriers, baby slings let you hold your baby on the front side, on the hip, or on the back. Hence it adapts perfectly to the child’s size that may vary from the moment it is born until 3 years old, and it may also adapt to the wearer’s size.

Pack bag

The packing bag is an excellent addition to the baby wrap. Composed of the same material and colours, it helps you to pack your baby sling during your walks.

Baby hammock

Kangaroo Carrier also offers you two types of quality hammocks (baby hammocks and Baby-Yoyo). Let your children rest and fall asleep safely, feeling sweetly rocked like in the baby sling...

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