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Here are a few links to further information and sites regarding baby slings, german style woven wrap (GSW), parenting, breastfeeding... We like them, and they may be useful to you as parents:

www.womensmaternity.com : Womens Maternity Help - Providing Information on Pregnancy, Breast Feeding and Maternity Clothes
www.naturalnurturing.org.uk : A Nation-wide Support Network for parents who practice attachment parenting
www.babyfriendly.org.uk : a UNICEF initiative for parents on training and campaigning
www.naturalchild.com : Resources for caring parents
www.activebirthcentre.com : Natural childbirth and the benefits a mobile labour can have for both mother and baby
www.borndirect.com : Natural parenting and organic baby products
www.earlybaby.co.uk : Clothes for Premature Babies
www.thebabywearer.com : THE online babywearing resource centre
Meubles Hertzog :

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