What is Kangaroo Carrier?

Kangaroo Carrier refers to the original and natural way these nice animals carry their children! Thus, the kangaroo is the logo of our company and products - german style woven wrap (GSW wrap), baby hammock, baby yoyo... The kangaroo welcomes you in every page of this website.

Why has Kangaroo Carrier been founded?

Kangaroo Carrier was born from a simple idea: the baby wrap is a fantastic way to wear my child, from its birth until it is three years old. But in most cases we found the price to be outrageous!

We aim to change it, proposing baby slings endowed with all the big brand’s qualities like security, guarantee, advices... but at a lower price, so that new parents feel more comfortable with it.

What are the advantages of a Kangaroo Carrier baby wrap?

Unlike the ‘classic’ baby carriers, where the baby and the parent both have to deal with the carrier’s shape and structure, which sometimes leads to backache and other problems, the baby sling perfectly adapts itself and fits the child’s and its parent’s body.

Furthermore, with a baby wrap you are able to carry your child from its birth, whatever its size and weight (baby slings are used in neonatal nurseries), until it is 3 years old (around 17 kg or 36 lbs).

With no frame, its wrap textile being free of any heavy metal, and having suffered no  chemical treatment, the Kangaroo Carrier baby sling is the most natural way to carry your baby.

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