How to select the right size...

Selecting the right size for your baby wrap is not always easy... Of course, it depends on how tall the wearer(s) is. Furthermore, some baby sling holds require longer material than others! Therefore, even if you know other persons carrying their child in a baby sling of a certain size, it is still vital to calculate the recommended wrap size using your personal height and weight.

Longer or shorter?

Hence Kangaroo Carrier is offering help in providing you with this calculator to help you select the right size, required to do different kinds of baby sling holds.

When selecting a baby wrap, it often happens that one potential wearer is larger than the other one. We recommend that you choose the largest size, since it will suit both wearers.

Finally, all you have to do is type in your size and your weight, or those of the largest person who may carry the child.

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